Updates from the Field


IMAG0744Hello dear friends, internet free-rangers, and changemakers.

I’ve returned from a long internet sabbatical (it was awesome) and I’m back now.

I was writing about our next (upcoming) project in the Manifesto! Project newsletter today. Another project which will take us on a journey for ‘ecstatic truth.’

What i think Werner Herzog was getting at with this concept is our dreams. Our collective ‘dream’ and our personal dreams are the most truth that we have. It can be expressed (although not always easily) and others can relate to our dreams without having to work at it too hard.

Manifesto! is a document of those dreams, sometimes personal, sometimes activist, and sometimes crazy.

And they all have one thing in common: desire. The desire for another state, often a more sublime execution of what we experience as our day to day reality on planet earth.

That said, my ecstatic reality is moving along at quite a pace with things kicking at Identify Foundation, new interest in Manifesto!, edit madness on We Want the Airwaves, and the early development of multiple new projects. I also just got the footage from the Micr*s*ft piece, to be released soon.

Sorry for the teaser, many more updates soon.