Scott Ryan is a documentary director and the creator of MANIFESTO! The first modern television series to chronicle the work of activists.

Founder of the Monkey Wrench Agency. Co-Founder of the endangered species non-profit Identify Foundation.


A Kansas City native, Scott is an Alum of the University of Kansas and the IWRC.

He is a panelist for various conferences and was a speaker and committee member for the Green Festival.


Known as an “Advocate of Advocacy” he has made literally thousands of communications – phone calls, emails, letters, and actions on behalf of critical environmental, animal welfare, and human rights issues. Has worked on behalf of most of the major environmental organizations as an advocate, volunteer, or fundraiser.


An avid outdoorsman, Scott is a climber of mountains, a rafter of rivers, an explorer of caves, and occasionally, a sailor of seas.

Jerry Montano (of Danzig) once threatened Scott’s life (this makes Scott very, very happy).