Manifesto! is the one project that started it all.

A pulsing, visual anthem for a new kind of television.

Hailed as “… the next evolution in television” by Damon Berger and a “Gigantic call to action” by Barry Jossen of ABC Television/Stage 9, Manifesto! broke ground in myriad ways.

The first modern television series to chronicle the work of activists. Manifesto! not only told these controversial stories; it challenged the audience to stand up and engage in their own communities. The stories of everyday people doing extraordinary things.

Conceived in 2005, shot later that year, and shopped over much of the northern hemisphere, the series has inspired (directly or indirectly) countless other projects. These include projects such as: The Ten Year Campaign, ABC’s You Should Know, Adobe’s Youth Voices, American Express’ Passion Project, and countless online projects.

It’s true, we did this all before CNN’s Heroes project (and Sony’s Game Changers), too. Starbucks’ Upstanders came later. Inspiration is clearly what we’re good at!

The series has profiled stories on the leaders of the Pay it Forward movement, Charity Water, and Julia Butterfly Hill amongst many others. Manifesto continues to shoot whenever the stars align.

The Manifesto Project!