Greetings From the Other Side


It’s been a minute since I posted here. A lot has happened in that time. I could list it out like some kind of to-do list but that sounds boring at best.

The biggest headline is that I got married and started a home with my wife. That has been a beautiful and busy experience! I’ve loved nearly every moment. It’s also been consuming – mainly the keeping home part… I also helped my wife with some foster dogs last summer (headline: we adopted one of them) and restored an old truck. I also watched many friends and some family leave Los Angeles for greener pastures.

I existed, shell-shocked through the fascist Trump “presidency” as so many of us did. I could not believe this f*cking reality show host / real estate lord / business imploder / criminal thug snuck through the front door of the White House. America has always had it’s problems – plenty of them – but I never thought my fellow Americans would elect someone so egoistic, shady, vile, and grotesque. The infotainment world no doubt has made tens if not hundreds of millions from his misguided brand of bullshit. But that [presidency at least] is over, so let me get back to the updates!

Writing has been on the sidelines for me mainly due to my brain being addled by countless projects — one being my feature documentary.

So I’ve been working on shows as usual, but all that pushing forward on We Want the Airwaves paid off. It is now finished! It’s the biggest creative accomplishment of my life. Maybe also the biggest practical goal I’ve met as well. Coming soon to a film festival and eventually a screen near you.

As always, I’ve continued advocacy as time allows and I’m continually concerned with global warming and animal rights. The latest IPCC report on the state of the climate is chilling (I recommend starting with the Summary for Policy Makers). But I wholeheartedly recommend reading it or one of the more thoughtful summaries.

That’s all for now until I can come up further for air…