Buy Nothing Day 2009


On the day after Thanksgiving, I’m pausing to celebrate an annual holiday I’d like more people to get involved with.

Buy Nothing Day.

This year they’ve badged it the “Wildcat General Strike” and while I like the badge, the original name says it all. Buy. Nothing. Today, skip the BS, skip the gas stations, skip the convenience store, skip the mall, skip the ___, skip it ALL.

I don’t have to tell you the power that the consumer holds in a capitalist society. The corporatocracy. But more important than our power to affect those who rule us, is our power to affect the future health of our planet. To do that, we must consume less. Less shopping, less fast food (none would be best), less consumption of products – a simpler, healthier way of life.

So today I’m sitting back with friends and family to reflect on what matters in the present. Happy BND!