Scott has worked on behalf of many non-profit organizations over the years. Here is a selection of his experiences.

IDENTIFY FOUNDATION – Executive Director / Co-Founder

Identify was a non profit organization founded by Amber Arbucci, Doyle Leeding, and Scott.

An endangered species focused organization, Identify raised funds through independent and organizational donors.


– I.F. team executed a project benefiting the endangered Mountain Gorillas of Rwanda, by sponsoring boots and supplies for the park rangers of Volcanoes National Park. They also supplied local schools with books, dictionaries and art supplies. These tools helped students in a new school create works depicting the natural world around them.

– I.F. contributed a PSA celebrating Africa’s rich biodiversity to Joseph Peter’s ‘Africa Celebrates the World Cup’ exhibition at the Paley Center in New York and Los Angeles.

– I.F. launched multiple fundraiser events including one at the ‘W’ hotel in Hollywood featuring the work of Arbucci and other visual artists from LA Art Seen. Sponsored by FABRIK Magazine. Hosted by Charity Winters and the I.F. Team.


Scott worked alongside event organizer Mary Kate to help launch their Summer Solstice Cabaret Event atop the Old City Jail in downtown Los Angeles.

– This was part of their ‘Third Thursday’ series and featured music by Harvey Sid Fisher.


Sphere Magazine “identifies the wants, needs and concerns of the 18-34 age group, and to do so in a way that enlightens and affects change within the generation itself.” They held a fundraiser for their official launch at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood. Music was performed by Parliament’s ‘Funk-Metics.’ A fashion show featured the works of Bohemian Society and Lunamore.

– Scott organized the structure of the staged event’s scripted elements

– Scott hosted / MC’d the event


Scott worked with shelter staff to care for orphaned animals, reunite them with their families, and find them new families.


Scott’s experiences include everything from grassroots ground work like cleanups and demonstrations, to hosting events/fundraisers, phone banks, canvassing, letter writing, phone calling, and tabling at events.

Organizations supported include:, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Sea Sheperd, Rhapsody in Green, BookPals, NRDC, Strangest Angels Animal Rescue, ACLU, Inside Out Community Arts, Greenpeace, Sierra Club, SEAC, UHCR (UN Refugee Agency), Rock the Vote, Amnesty International, MoveOn, Independent Media Center and Operation Wildlife.