I love making documentaries, hosting them, and generally adventuring into the unknown. I love it so much I made the first modern series to chronicle the work of activists. It is called ‘Manifesto.’ See it below and more of my work here.


Crib Notes:
  1. Creator of The Manifesto Project and host of MANIFESTO! The first modern television series to chronicle the work of activists.
  2. Founder of the Monkey Wrench Agency. Co-Founder of the endangered species non-profit Identify Foundation.
  3. Known as an “Advocate of Advocacy” he has made literally thousands of communications – phone calls, emails, letters, and actions on behalf of critical environmental, animal welfare, and human rights issues. Has worked on behalf of most of the major environmental organizations as a volunteer, fund raiser, or advocate. His current goal is to inspire legions of new advocates.
  4. Attendee of the Kopkind Colony. Hosts events on behalf of environmental, animal welfare, and human rights issues. Is a Panelist for the Twyman Creative Conference and a Speaker and committee member for the Green Festival.
  5. Has been some flavor of vegetarian for 15 years
  6. Jerry Montano (of Danzig) once threatened Scott’s life (this makes Scott very, very happy)
  7. Born on the 4th of July. Makes a mean Guacamole. Could these things be related?
  8. An avid outdoorsman, Scott is a climber of mountains, a rafter of rivers, an explorer of caves, and occasionally, a sailor of seas.



The one project that started it all.

Hailed as “… the next evolution in television” by Damon Berger and a “Gigantic call to action” by Barry Jossen of ABC Television/Stage 9, Manifesto broke ground in myriad ways.

Conceived in 2005, shot later that year, and shopped over much of the northern hemisphere, the series has inspired (directly or indirectly) countless other projects. These include projects such as: The Ten Year Campaign, ABC’s You Should Know, Adobe’s Youth Voices, and American Express’ Passion Project.

It’s true, we did this all before CNN’s Heroes project, too.

The series has profiled stories on the leaders of the Pay it Forward movement, Charity Water, and Julia Butterfly Hill amongst others. Manifesto continues to shoot whenever the stars align.

The Manifesto Project


The son of Irish potato farmers, Scott was born in a freshly sown field during a blazing full moon in the early morning hours of the fourth of July (The year of our lord is being researched by freelance anthropologists).

Homeschooled by the family’s only literate neighbor, a fireman and “clothes-free” advocate, he ran away as soon as his young legs would carry him (during the potato blight of ’89) and performed as “BB” (Bullwinkle Barishnikov), a traveling sideshow where he attracted audiences with promises of ‘free whiskey tasting’ and then abused each of their five senses with his interpretation of modern ballet. These controversial “dance” routines are rumored to have been seasoned liberally with moshpit pirouettes.

Interviews reveal that SR believed that the Rocky and Bullwinkle children’s cartoon was based on the life of an actual Russian moose who spoke English in a condescending manner.

Audiences soon grew angry once Scott championed prohibition in the shire (he was actually just out of whiskey and silver). But, due to his controversial dance performances and constant stock of taters, he was trailed by hungry talent agents across the countryside. Always fiercely independent, he hand-picked his own agent, hiring Saugus McMoughin to serve as his representation in all territories.

With Mr. McMoughin, Scott recorded his first album Tastes Like Yesterday which went on national radio and rose to #5 on the international electro-polka charts. Always reinventing his mad dulcimer-specked-harpsichord-freestyling, he released the heavy metal/acid jazz anthem Gnaw My Knickers to critical acclaim, but public uproar. Shortly after it hit the airwaves and the successive uncensored version of the “music” “video” was released, he was deported to the United States on public indecency charges.

Shunned by his home country, Scott boarded the US bound S.S. Andalusia in defeat.  He now divides his time between creating epic cinematic television series for tiny interweb audiences, writing anti-Irish propaganda, and his cutting-edge tofu recycling business.

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